No other aspect of our business is as important as the safety and well being of our employees. To that end, SKMES annually spends thousands of dollars on the education and training of our employees on the latest TOSHA regulations, best practices and the implementation and use of protective equipment and devices. Field employee bonuses and compensation, as well as periodic “safety awards” are directly tied to the safety record of individual projects and the company as a whole.

To ensure the well being of each and every employee, SKMES takes several steps toward accident prevention:

  • SKMES employs an in-house safety director
  • Employees attend weekly safety meetings and various seminars and events, conducted by TOSHA and other experts
  • Supervisors receive additional training at safety academies several times a year
  • Jobsites are always drug-free by virtue of pre-employment drug screening


ShoffnerKalthoff’s focus on safety is obvious:

  • SKMES has won numerous safety awards
  • Our company has been recognized in national trade publications
  • SKMES has a 2015 incident rate of 2.5 with the national average of 5.4 in the mechanical trade
  • Our annual experience modification rating (emr) is .62
Construction Worker concerned with safety
SKMES Welder Working Safely

Our Safety Record

Safety has always been and will continue to be the most important aspect of our company. SKMES has an excellent record with no significant finding from TOSHA or any other regulatory agency.

Our safety program has a direct effect on your company’s mod rate. The mod rate directly affects the cost of workers’ compensation insurance. The average experience modification rate (emr) is 1.00 and simply means that a company has average workers’ compensation losses for their industry and will pay 100% of the annual premium that is set by their state. A company with a higher emr will pay a higher percentage of their annual premium; meaning that company has experienced higher than average claims. A company with a lower emr pays less than 100% and has had lower than average claims.

SKMES has an experience modification rate of .62. Which means we have…

  • One million man hours without a lost time accident in 2017
  • Over 900,000 hours working without a lost time accident.
  • One year without a lost time accident in 2010-2011.

We have received several awards for safety including:

  • 2017 Commissioner’s Award for Excellence in Workplace Safety and Health
  • 2012/2013/2015 AGC Construction Safety Excellence Award
  • 2012 Tennessee Governor’s Excellence in Safety Award
  • 2007/2008 ABC Gold Achievement Award
  • See more…

Our company also participated in the Knoxville Convention Center’s “1 Million Hours Without a Lost Time Accident.”

In-House Training

SKMES has the ability to train all employees internally, in all aspects of safety.