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SKMES Apprenticeship School Graduating Classes
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Fully Accredited In-House Apprenticeship Program


Tennessee Apprenticeship Program – Knoxville


We have classes for electrical, plumbing, sheet metal and HVAC that are held at our office here in Knoxville. While you go to school one night a week, you will work during the day with our company, so you can earn while you learn!

There is NO COST to you plus you are considered a team member and will receive benefits and on-the-job training with a mentor. There are financial incentives for perfect attendance and apprentice of the year, as well as level completion. You are also eligible for an annual evaluation-based pay raise.

The 4-year program is accredited and registered with both NCCER and the Department of Labor. Classes are held from August to May. Our instructors have gone through an intensive training program to be prepared to facilitate these classes, which will include both classroom time as well as time in the lab for hands-on practice.


NOTE:  All apprentices must have a high school diploma or equivalent.


North Carolina – Online Classes Available

We also have classes for plumbing and HVAC in North Carolina, in partnership with the NCPHCC. Since they are online classes they can be started at any time so you can still work full-time with us.

Each course is a 4-year program that requires 2,000 hours of on-the-job work each year. You can learn on your schedule while earning a paycheck! You will be provided a mentor to ensure your success, and other financial incentives may be offered.


Remote Locations – Classes Available Online and at Local Community Colleges


We look for desire, dependability and willingness – we can train the rest!

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