Boot Voucher Request

How it Works
• After 6 months of employment, everyone who works in the field is eligible for a Work Boot Voucher worth $125 per year for purchasing composite-toe footgear.
• Ordering on the Employee Portal allows you to choose when to request the voucher.
• Request your boot voucher by completing the form below and hit SUBMIT.
• Once your voucher has been verified and approved, you will be notified via Doculivery.
• Vouchers are typically approved weekly
• Approved Boot Vouchers are sent directly to the store you selected.
• You must use the voucher within 30 days of the approval.

The Rules
• You are only eligible to order if you are a field employee who has been here for 6 months or longer.
• Each employee has an annual Boot Voucher worth $125.
• Each employee has one voucher to use each calendar year.  You may not combine vouchers.
• You are responsible for all costs in excess of $125 including taxes, etc.

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