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How It Works

•  Employees are eligible to order after 6 months of full-time employment.
•  Field Employees have an annual “coupon” worth $125 to use on company merchandise.
– Orders exceeds $125 or don’t get a coupon? Anything not covered by the $125 is payroll deducted after the order is delivered.
– Coupon or not, everything is taxed. (Taxes count towards the $125!)
•  Once alerted via email to set up an account, employees create an Email and Password on the store website so they can place and verify their orders whenever they want.
•  Order anytime. Orders are consolidated and placed monthly on the 15th… Orders should be filled within 4 weeks of being placed.
•  All orders are delivered to Knoxville, and then sent out to offices in Tri-Cities, Roanoke and Asheville as soon as possible.

Check out the “How-To-Order” Instructions PDF.

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