LMU: Lincoln Memorial University

Lincoln Memorial University’s Math and Science Building was completed in August 2012. It included a 139,815 square foot 4-story building and a 2,000 square foot energy building. Both the mechanical and electrical trades worked on this project. Here are a few statistics about the job.

The Energy Building is detached from the main building housing the chillers, boilers and pumps. It is served by 8 air-handling units with hot & chilled water.

  • There are 160 reheat VAV boxes throughout the building.
  • There are 14 Variable Flow Refrigerant Fan Coil Units with 4 outdoor units. Final hook-up to all units, start-up and operation by Shoffner Mechanical Services.
  • There are 3 chillers totaling 600 tons, 2 hot water boilers 2,000,000 btu’s each, 2 hot water pumps and 4 chilled water pumps.
  • Total amount of hot and chilled water piping above and underground installed was over 15,000 LF.
  • Total amount of ductwork fabricated and installed was over 152,000 pounds.