Energy Conservation

Energy conservation is at the forefront of business today. More than ever, companies across all industries are seeking ways to reduce their environmental footprint and increase their facility’s operating efficiencies. Because no two facilities are the same, we’ll work with you to customize a strategy for your facility that uniquely targets electricity and gas consumption in your building. Whether you’re building a new, green structure or retrofitting an existing structure, our Professional Engineers and Certified Energy Managers will help you and your team increase your energy efficiency.

Reduce Your Energy Consumption to...

Maximize your return on investment
Reduce your company’s environmental footprint
Increase the life-span of your equipment
Save on budget for allocation elsewhere

Multiple Energy & Cost-Saving Services

Building Automation
Water Conservation
Lighting Retrofits
HVAC & Mechanical Retrofits

TVA Energyright Award Winner

Most kWh Saved in the NE District

SKMES can help procure significant funds through a TVA Energy Right Partnership or Federal Tax incentive package. To date, we’ve saved over 4,371,513 kWh through energy reduction programs– an annual saving of $437,151.00! As an added bonus, our combined reduction in Carbon Dioxide emissions is equal to:

Emissions from 643 passenger vehicles annually
Emissions from 159 homes annually
Carbon sequestered annually by 2,528 acres of pine forest

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