Spiral Duct Services

At SKMES, we work with customers from various industries, including food processing plants, nuclear waste facilities, and a variety of manufacturing facilities and chemical plants. Our employees have the capability to fabricate spiral pipes in lengths ranging from 36 inches to 25 feet. With our Spirahelex Spiral Pipe machine, we can also currently produce spiral pipe in sizes ranging from 6 inches round up to 48 inches round, and in gauges from 26 to 18.

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Thanks to the only computer-operated, fully-automated seam welding machine in our area, our capability to fabricate welded ductwork adds unique value to our services. Our seam welder is able to produce near perfect welds time after time on all types of metal, including stainless steel, aluminum, carbon, and galvanized steel up to 3/8 inches in thickness.

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